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21 year old Emcee, Reviewer, and Hip Hop Enthusiast. Among other things, I enjoy gaming, Star Wars, Anime, and the like. Expect to see all of this and more, which includes the occasional rant and/or personal text post. Oh, and I'm happily married to Emma Watson. She just doesn't know it yet.

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My name’s Ethic (Hey!)
Nah you don’t gotta say waddup.
I ain’t tryin’ to be disrespectful,
Just sometimes there ain’t enough of me to go around.
But I ain’t conceded, see it’s just that bein’ me can be deceivin’.
I’m needed, but I’m nowhere found (Hey where’s Ethic?)
I’m in the back room, in a bad mood,
Eatin’ fast food for the fourth night in a row now tell me how that sound? (Bad)
Yea this glamour life ain’t so comfy;
And it’s not that I don’t like people I just don’t like their company
Ethic - Leave Me Alone (Remix)
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